Who are we?

Amurco is a pre-cleared library of quality music, poised for use in your next project. Amurco’s catalogue is home to over 80,000 songs across every style and genre from more than 1000 of the world’s best emerging and established music creators. Amurco has spent the past decade securing countless licensing deals for its catalogue with major broadcasters and brands, ensuring music creators receive fair remuneration for their work and reach new audiences.

Amurco was launched in Blackpool in 2010 by a team of musicians wanting to generate an income from their music. As revenues from digital and physical sales have steadily declined in recent decades, the music industry has collectively turned to the lucrative world of licensing in order to provide a more robust revenue stream. Though a highly competitive sector, Amurco has invested heavily to ensure it is receiving world-class licensing opportunities for the talent it represents. In order to meet the needs of its growing and loyal customer base, Amurco’s music team have curated a diverse and quality catalogue of music.

We build lasting relationships

Meet some of the Amurco team

It’s a privilege to work with such an amazing team and a wealth of talented writers and producers.

Joel WintersHead of Content

We aim to plug the gap between music creators & music users, providing both with an easy, reliable and thoughtful service.

Sarah LusherHead of Licensing

Looking at music objectively is a skill that requires practice, and we’ve really mastered it.

Max BradshawMusic Profiler

We started the company with a handful of quality tracks and a vision - I’m so proud of how far Amurco has come in helping music creators and providing professional music consultancy for international brands.

Peter MurphyFounder

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